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At the Training Academy we are committed to excellence and to ensuring that you get RESULTS. That is why ALL our training programs come with a satisfaction guarantee!

If you are not entirely satisfied with the training you receive, we will gladly retrain your staff free of charge or refund your money in full!

At the The Training Academy we also know that NO business can survive without sales and without happy customers and as a result, we specialise in training courses for all staff who have a direct, or indirect, impact on sales and on customer satisfaction levels within the organisation.

It is important for you to know that our cutting edge training programs and innovative training methodologies, have been thoroughly tried and tested and have enjoyed great success in the market place!

Our training programs are also highly motivational and as a result;  

positively impact on staff moral at all levels within the organisation,

Why not let us take care of your training so you can get on with doing what you do best?



The Training Academy:

Specialists in Sales training, Sales consulting, Customer Service Excellence, Customer Satisfaction Surveys and Employee motivation.

We offer cutting edge training programs and consulting services that focus on improving employee effectiveness and efficiency.

Improved performance and increased turnover is the focus and foundation of all that we do.